Bee on the sun flower

Bee on the sun flower

There lived two trees - Palm and Oak. It was a bright sunny day and the two friends started the day off by talking about their old memories.

Oak: In these 100 years of your life, what is the first thing that comes to your mind going down your memory lane?

Palm: Hmm... I can never forget Mr. Wise as I call him and the great lesson learnt from his life.

Oak: That is interesting. What is it?

Palm: Mr. Wise as I call him is a bee who used to collect honey from the flowers and save it in a comb built on one of my branches. As soon as the comb is full of honey, there will be a farmer who will be waiting for the bee to leave for the day?s work and soon the honey comb will be vanished. This had become the habit of the farmer over a period of time wherein he will take away all the honey collected by the bee and he (the bee) will again start collecting the honey. I was astonished at the way the bee reacted and asked him - "Aren?t you tired and irritated of collecting honey with all your effort, and the benefits been taken away easily by the farmer always?" The bee smiled at me and replied - "The man can only steal honey but he can never take away the knowledge I have gained through collecting the best honey and the skill behind building a comb to preserve the honey, that?s why he is after my comb however high my nest is."

Oak: No wonder why you call him Mr. Wise? now. What name can be more apt than wise? for his sagacious act.

Moral: Sometimes, the benefits of your hard work may not be reaped, but the experience you possess can never be stolen by anyone. Never give up, keep going ahead!!