Value the Relationship

Value the person... Value the relationship... When they are with you!

When I came from office, she was lying in the bed. She lifted her head after hearing my footstep sound. Her eyes looked like as if she was waiting for me for a very long time. She was in an eager to tell something to me. But, I didn't mind. I went to the bathroom to refresh myself. It was almost 9 pm. I switched on the TV. I started watching the TV in the hall. Half an hour later she asked me to take my dinner with a very low voice. I ate the food which she has served in the dining table. I didn't care for anything and I slept off. She too slept without speaking even a single word. The next day early in the morning I got up from the bed. She was still lying in the bed. I looked at the wall clock. It was 7. I got ready to go office, in a hurry. When I was about leave, I asked her whether she is not going to office today. She replied that she has taken leave. I said okay and started driving my car. When I was driving, I started thinking about madhu.

Oops! So far I didn't introduce her. "Madhu is my wife. I met her when I was doing my college. She was my neighbor. Madhu is the only daughter to her parents. For the sake of my studies, my family got shifted to the place near madhu's house. During our house warm-up only I saw her for the first time. She was absolutely beautiful! She had a charming and cute face. I loved her smile a lot. Her playful nature attracted me a lot. From that moment I started flying in the air. Her eyes always pulled me towards her! Each and every day was beautiful for me. Every day I use to get up with a hope to see her. When the days passed by, I got her friendship. She uses to make fun of me always. She was just straight opposite to my character. I am being very shy and reserved type; she was just jovial, talkative and very naughty. I loved the way she is. I simply started loving her. On observing all my activities my parents found that I am in love. But, they didn't expect it would be madhu. Madhu's father is a big shot in our place. They were richer than us. So, my parents scared a little. But later they got convinced. Since, they like madhu a lot. It was during my semester holidays I thought of proposing her. So many days I have done rehearsal for that wonderful moment. But none has worked out. My friends use to give me stupid ideas. And every time it would flop when seeing her eyes.

And on one final day, I called her from a PCO. She said "hello". I thanked god for not making her mom or dad to pick up the call. I said "madhu this is shiva". She started chatting as usual. In between I stopped her and told her "I love you". All of a sudden she became silent. She simply cut the call. I cursed myself for ruining my friendship. From that day onwards madhu stopped talking with me. After 3 years, I finished my course. Also, I got placed in an MNC. 3 years of separation has almost made me mad. I thought of approaching her again. I gave my mobile number to her friend. After a week I got a phone call from a new number. I lifted the call with an eager. I heard a girl's voice in the opposite side. It was just the call from the company, which I got offer. I was totally disappointed. Next day, I got a call early in the morning. To my surprise it was madhu. She asked me to meet her in the evening. Evening I went for seeing her. She gave me a gift for my placement. When she started speaking, I got mesmerized. She was even more beautiful than before. She said she can't love me. But, she can be a good friend to me (girls are always a puzzle). Few days we went for movies and roamed all over the city.

One day when we were in theater I got a call. After that call, I told her that I am leaving to Chennai next week. Suddenly she started crying. I don't know what was wrong with her. I consoled her for an hour. Then she said it was because am leaving the city. I asked her what's there to cry. She said "It is because I love you shiva". Oh my god! What she said? She said I Love You to me. Is this a dream? No it was not!....Thousands of butterflies started flying in my stomach. I kissed her & whispered I love you too. After some years we got married!" OoOo! my office came. I parked my car and went inside. When, I entered my ODC, my manager greeted me with a warm smile. Everyone in my team smiled at me. I was puzzled. I went to my manager and asked what the matter is? He gave me a cover and said "you have been transferred from Chennai to Bangalore with promotion". I felt very happy and received it with thanks. I asked him the reason for my transfer. My manager told me that the person in Bangalore has resigned the job. I asked him why, in a lame voice. He said his wife passed away two days before. Curiously, I asked him the reason behind that lady's death. My manager told me that it was because of some fever. I was horrified. I rushed to my car. I drove the car at the maximum speed. I crossed the staircase by jumping as many steps as I could. I stood silently in front of the door, a minute. I was out of my mind for a second. Then I calmed down myself and knocked the door. I couldn't wait even for a single minute. So, I tried opening the door. It was not closed.

Slowly I peeped inside. My wife, my madhu was still there lying in the bed. I went closer. I tried waking her so many times. She didn't open her eyes. I felt that I have lost something very precious, which I have got easily. I found a gift near her. I carried both in my arms. I took her to a nearby hospital. I called up my friends for help. They admitted her in the emergency ward. I sat outside in a chair. All my friends pitied me. They tried convincing me to their best. I didn't hear any words. I walked around the hospital and sat in front of a small temple. I prayed for her. Suddenly I remembered about the gift. I walked towards my car. I took the gift that was there in the seat. My hands started trembling when I opened the gift. It was a small photo frame with a photo which we took during our honey moon. That was my favorite photo too. I hardly smiled at the photo. There was a letter too. I sat in the car seat and started reading it slowly.

She has written, "Honey, yesterday I heard some footstep sound. When I lifted my head, you were there near the door. You came closer and sat in the bed. You touched my forehead. You started scolding me. Since, I was burning with fever. You took me in your arms, wrapped me with a bed sheet and gave your shoulders to lean. You asked me whether I had taken medicine or not. I said "I have not taken anything since morning". You went to the kitchen and prepared food for me. You made me to eat it completely. You gave me some medicines. The whole night you stayed awake looking at me. When I got up in between you were pressing my legs. I said "I love you dear. I am lucky to have such a caring husband!" again I heard some sound. When I looked at the door, it was you. It took a minute for me to realize that it was just a dream. Dear, do you remember when did u said "I love you" to me for the last time? Can you tell me when did you say "you are looking good" for the last time?.... I started thinking while reading this. But, I didn't remember any. So I continued reading the letter. was during our honey moon. It was at that time we took that photo. Whenever, I use to find some time I will look at this photo to cherish that beautiful moment. This time for our wedding anniversary I thought of presenting this gift to you. I know you don't even have time to love as you are busy. But, at least be with me. I don't have the guts to cry before you. If I say all this to you I will cry for sure. And that's the reason I am writing this letter to you. Luckily, you have one more gift I will tell that on our wedding day! "I Love You! " Dear. I closed my eyes for a second.

When I opened my eyes the letter was wet. I got completely shattered. I busted out with tears. I ran inside the hospital to see her. I looked at her from outside through a small glass. She was there lying in the bed still, without a single movement. I cursed myself for making that precious doll to suffer like this. I realized that I stopped loving her after marriage. It was my responsibility to take care of her. She was like an angel to her parents. She left everything for me. Believing me, trusting me026 for the first time, I thought why the hell she loves me so much? I peeped inside026 Oh my god! What have I done to her? She was suffering from severe fever for more than three days. But, I didn't talk even a single word about it. How can I be so cruel? I know I am workaholic. But, how did I forget her? How can I be like this? Without loving her, who has so much love for me? Oh god! Please give me one chance. I want my madhu. There is no life for me without her.

I cried, cried and cried till when doctor came out of the room. He asked who I am to her. My throat got stuck at that time. I couldn't open my voice. Suddenly my friend came and told him that, he is her husband. The doctor looked at me. He said, "Your wife had some viral fever for nearly a week. She needs some bed rest now. Within an hour she will be normal. Then, you can see her. But, ask her not to strain too much. She is very weak." Saying this, the doctor moved a step. He again came back asking my name. I said, "I am shiva". "shiva, Congrats! You are going to become a father "replied the doctor. What? Oh! Wow! That's great. Did you told that I am going to become father? Thank you! Thank you so much doctor. I hugged him and went inside the room. Madhu was still in the bed. I dragged a chair and sat nearby.

I was looking at her. In fact, I would say I was staring at her. I felt like, the sweetest moon in the sky is sleeping. Hmmm, not bad she simply looks beautiful even now. I was telling to myself. An hour later, she opened her eyes. I stood immediately, went near her. I could see the pain she is facing, in her eyes. I held her hands tightly. She wiped my tears gently. "Why the hell you love me so much madhu? Even at this worst stage you care for me! Am not fit to have all your love and care026" "You have the answer in your question itself." She replied. "???" I didn't understand what she was trying to say. "It is because, I love you shiva!" "People never know the worth of a person, when they are with them. I won't do that mistake here after! I love you! I love you so much madhu!" I kissed her fore head. She smiled. After a week, I went to my office to see my manager. I canceled my transfer. I started loving her more than before. After all, "Love makes life beautiful!" To people who are reading this story, I would advise "Value the person026 Value the relationship026 when they are with you!"