HTML Introduction

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is one kind of language to describe web documents. It marks every part which will be displayed in website through mark symbol. So, a HTML file can be taken as a web file.

Actually, web file is one kind of TXT file. People add mark symbols to tell browser how to display contents, for example, where images put, which style text has and so on. But different effect will be displayed on different browser because of different explanation of one mark symbol.

HTML is called hypertext markup language because there is "Hyperlink" point included in text. What is hyperlink? It is one kind of URL pointer. Through clicking it, people can get new web page in browser. And that is one of the most important reasons that HTML is widely used.

Convert Word to HTML

How to get a HTML file? We can edit any text which can generate TXT source file to have HTML file. The other method which is frequently used is convert other files to HTML. In this post, I will share a method to convert Word to HTML with C#/VB.NET. With this method, just 3 steps, you can get a converted HTML file.

Also, I use a .NET Word component, Spire.Doc for .NET in this example. So, I add its dll file as reference in your project.

Detailed Steps Shown as Following:

I. Load Word document which I want to convert to HTML from my computer by document.LoadFromFile() method. The document I prepare to convert is a .docx document.


	Document document = new Document();

	Dim document As New Document()
II. Convert word to html by using document.SaveToFile() method. Also, string file name and file format which should be set as .html should be passed to this method.
	document.SaveToFile("ToHTML.html", FileFormat.Html);

	document.SaveToFile("ToHTML.html", FileFormat.Html)
III. Launch this document and run. Then, I can get the html file converted from Word.



Note: this method also can convert DOC document to HTML.

Result Shown as Following: